The Effectiveness Company has supported many social responsibility initiatives since inception. The company is committed to giving back to the community and uplifting the lives of South Africans wherever possible.

The focus of the Effectiveness Company’s social involvement strategy is to better serve the socio-economic needs of the South African people from a proactive and involved angle. For this reason, the company’s social involvement strategy is based on the efforts and involvement of its staff. Every year, each staff member is given one paid workday to devote to a charitable initiative of his or her choice that aligns with the country’s broader development framework.

The key focuses of the initiatives are:

  • Bias towards supporting children, education, training and AIDS charities
  • Staff involvement in projects that positively impact on communities
  • Projects that are sustainable and have a multiplying effect

The company’s social responsibility approach is aligned with its investment philosophy and company values.

To find out more about this social involvement strategy, contact the Effectiveness Company today.