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The Effectiveness Company takes a very thorough approach to working out where the potential lies in your business and harnesses that potential to see your company grow. The process is divided into three, namely Analysis, Design and Build.


The Effectiveness Company analyses your business and pinpoints exactly where resources can be used more efficiently, while also paying close attention to the way in which the business carries out its functions. We are all about efficiency and reducing costs, allowing your business the breathing space to concentrate on what it does best.


After analysing where resources can be better allocated and new systems can be put in place, The Effectiveness Company creates and designs systems specific to your company’s needs and unique management style. We work with a skeleton design that has time and time again shown predictable sustainability and progress, and we then shape this design to specifically address the needs of your business.


The Effectiveness Company makes use of BPR – Business Processing Re-engineering, to build new systems within a business that bring out the best in the team and in its operations. Taking the processes that already exist within organisations, we re-structure them to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

If you want to harness the potential of your business, let The Effectiveness Company show you how by contacting us today.

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