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The Effectiveness Company is scientific in our approach in implementing our business strategies and systems within a business. We never approach a case blindly and will always experiment using premises that guarantee predictable outcomes.

After analysing various aspects of the business, we decide where there is a gap in performance, and apply our outsourcing and insourcing strategies accordingly.

The process involves:

  • A thorough understanding of the business’s corporate strategy, getting to the core of the business and understanding why the business exists;
  • Investigating the business’s market strategy;
  • As well as an understanding of the functional strategy of the business, relating to its structure and operations.

A clear picture of the business is then established and an understanding of the flow of work within the company is attained. With these insights in mind, The Effectiveness Company will then implement a toolkit or a solution in order to better the efficiency of the company and reduce overall costs.

Too often companies have multiple divisions where work is handed off from one department to the next, delaying outcomes, slowing down processes, and causing unsatisfactory work environments for staff. These delays and constant hand-offs also lead to a higher cost to the customer, resulting in reduced sales.
We aim to cut out unnecessary processes and implement efficient, free-flowing systems for reducing costs, improving performance and providing cheaper products and services for customers.

If you would like The Effectiveness Company to implement one of our sustainable and ground-breaking toolkits and strategies for your business, contact us today.

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