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Solutions for the public sector

The public sector is all about serving the people. With growing demands for services and new technologies being introduced, offices can benefit from the services of The Effectiveness Company. We offer outsourcing and co-sourcing services on a long-term basis that help you reduce costs, improve performance, improve company focus and manage functions that are time-consuming.

A large part of public sector operations is what we call back office administration services. These services include day-to-day tasks that are necessary in order for an office to function, but take up a lot of time and manpower. The Effectiveness Company offers a solution to streamlining and managing back office administration services with our fully automated, workflow-managed services and this frees up more time to focus on implementing strategies and focusing on core business practices.

Back office administration services include:

  • Payroll
  • Disbursement/expenses
  • Database management
  • Transaction processing

In addition to managing general office tasks, The Effectiveness Company also offers other services that can benefit the public sector including Human Resources services, in which we help manage the crucial role of HR within an office and keep it running smoothly. We also offer strategy implementation services to help all of your great ideas get put into practice.

People rely on the public sector for many important services. It’s very important that public offices run smoothly and efficiently and by partnering with The Effectiveness Company, you can improve office operations and create even more happy customers. We offer customised solutions designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

To learn more about our services for the public sector, contact us today!

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