Hiring the right people for the job is key to a company’s success, which is why Effectiveness Company’s labour brokers provide comprehensive labour managed services to all our valued clients.

In many industries throughout South Africa, the skills shortage is making it challenging to discover the people with the right skill sets and hire them successfully. At Effectiveness Company, however, we believe in tackling the skills shortage head on by developing labour managed services that will deliver the exact skill set you’re looking for, when you need it most.

Why you should partner with Effectiveness Company for labour management services:

  • Over 10 year’s of experience in providing leading labour management services to South African companies from our base in Johannesburg
  • We will discover, recruit and train personnel on your behalf
  • Our comprehensive training programmes will be tailored to the exact skillsets that you require
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A Unique Approach to Labour Management Services

Our labour brokers specialise in finding people with the right attitude and equipping them with the necessary skills to complete the job – whether you’re looking for back office administrators, call centre employees or HR administrators. All of our training programmes are developed and implemented by qualified professionals based on your specific skill requirements and are designed to effectively equip people with the skills you require in a short period of time, thereby providing you with the skilled employees your company needs. Allow us to assist you with:

  • Attraction and recruitment of potential employees
  • Writing, design and delivery of the required training
  • Deployment
  • Payroll administration
  • Management of labour relations
  • Staff management

Don’t waste company resources on costly recruitment drives – contact us for affordable labour management services today and get the skilled staff you need, when you need them!

Partner with Effectiveness Company for your labour management services and experience:

  • Reduced hiring time and expenses
  • Get the employees you need in the shortest period of time
  • Have the ability to train new staff up to the exact skill sets you require
  • End-to-end labour solutions, from attraction to payroll administration and staff management

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