As a country, we’re facing a severe skills shortage that is affecting the ability of companies to do business. Our outsourced training and development programmes are designed to combat this issue by providing staff training courses that target the exact needs of our client in order to deliver employees that know your business best practices, have experience in implementing leading technology and are enthusiastic about realising company goals.

In over a decade, we’re proud to have trained over 80, 000 employees for our valued clients in diverse industries, including telecommunications, retail, pharmaceutical and the FCMG sector. At Effectiveness Company, we believe in taking control of the skills shortage and reducing it though proven skills development initiatives.

Why you should partner with Effectiveness Company for staff training and development:

  • Over 10 year’s experience in providing leading business training and development services to South African companies from our Johannesburg base
  • We have developed targeted staff training courses specific to the skills shortage being faced by diverse industries
  • Our training solutions are tailored to the exact needs of your business and industry
  • We employ the latest training methodologies and train according to business best practises
  • Our affordable training solutions release client’s from costly recruitment drives
  • We believe in empowering employees with the best knowledge and technology that your industry has to offer
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Skills Development and Business Training: Empowering Your Staff to Meet Business Goals

Our outsourced training and development offerings are as much about assisting our clients in meeting their business needs as they are about enriching the lives and abilities of your employees.

Business training and development is an investment in each person in your department or company that brings in a massive ROI. Through our programmes and branded academies, your staff will:

  • Work more effectively as a team
  • Understand their roles with regards to departmental and business goals
  • Be able to set goals and reach them effectively
  • Be empowered to work independently and use initiative
  • Understand the product and service offering of the company
  • Increase sales
  • Build customer loyalty through consistent positive interaction
  • Assist you in developing a successful brand

It is widely recognised that training and development is a key ingredient in the success of any company and our business training and development serves to empower employees with the skills they need to effectively implement leading business strategies.

We Offer Tailored Staff Skills Development Training

Your company is unique and therefore requires unique business training solutions, which is why we won’t push you into a one-size-fits-all situation where you have to accept generic staff training courses. Instead, we will tailor our approach to meet all your exacting requirements through a combination of our offerings, including:

  • The construction of customer branded academies and corporate universities
  • Product training solution design and implementation
  • Process and systems training
  • Skills development training
  • In-call training
  • Sales training
  • Business coaching
  • e-Learning

Invest in your staff today and achieve the empowered, high-performance workforce that your company needs in order to achieve success. Contact us about our outsourced training and development programmes and begin the process of harnessing employee potential today!

Partner with Effectiveness Company and experience:

  • Industry-specific tailored staff skills training and development
  • An increase in staff performance and productivity
  • Efficient day-to-day operations
  • Increased sales
  • Staff that are able to operate effectively as well as independently
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Brand consistency and growth

Training and development services offered by Effectiveness Company includes:

  • Process and systems training
  • Skills development training
  • In-call training
  • Sales training
  • Business coaching

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