Effectiveness Company is very proud to be honoured by Top Employers as a Top Employer for the year 2014. In doing what we love, which is helping businesses and organisations learn how to work better and more effectively, we’ve been recognised as an employer that takes excellent care of our employees and provides them with exceptional working conditions. At Effectiveness Company, we firmly believe that if our staff isn’t properly taken care of, they won’t be able to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Our status as a Top Employer will be made official at a Certification Dinner and award handover on 29 August 2013 at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg, where top HR and business leaders in South Africa will be in attendance.

What exactly does Effectiveness Company do?

  • Outsourcing and insourcing. This helps business owners increase efficiency, minimise costs, gain access to world-class capabilities and improve company focus.
  • Branded academies. We host training and development programmes that are aligned with the company’s strategic organisational objectives.
  • Labour management services for all your staffing requirements. Hiring the right people with the right skills is critical to any company’s success – we provide labour managed services to fulfil customer requirements for trained staff with various skill sets.
  • Performance improvement for SMME’s. The SMME sector in South Africa has experienced steady growth during the past few years and we’re here to help businesses harness their potential and achieve desired growth.

Effectiveness Company’s mission is to help you do business better and more efficiently – whether it’s easing the burden of your HR staff, uncovering potential branding opportunities or helping identify areas where your business can grow. We also strive to provide the best working conditions for our staff because we want them to love coming to work each and every day – and a staff that is well taken care of can perform better!

To learn more about Effectiveness Company and our status as a Top Employer in South Africa, please contact us today!