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Women revealed what many men have known all along

Successful leaders come in all different shapes and sizes. This was discussed and debated at the Leadership Advancement for Women in Business Conference in Sandton, hosted by IQPC South Africa on Thursday 29 January 2004. The Effectiveness Company’ CEO, Suzanne Ravenall had the daunting task, in front of a highly intellectual female audience, to talk about some of her life story and how that shaped her to be successful. Suzanne emphasised that the key isn’t in gender, but learning how to leverage one’s own style. To do this, women must accept, both intellectually and emotionally, their innate potential brilliance and blind spots of their own style.

By telling her story and sharing advice, she successfully managed to put face on the statistics about the contributions of resourceful and successful women in the South African economy today.

Suzanne is not new to this game as a Guest Speaker and shared the stage with names such as Felicia Mabuza-Suttle and Ruda Landman, all ready for the third time this year.

No wonder Suzanne was voted the most inspiring and best speaker at the Leadership Conference.