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The Effectiveness Company has always shown pride in the Social Responsibility programmes it undertakes.

For example each staff member is given one full day per year for a social responsibility initiative, they can do anything in their area to uplift a community in line with The Effectiveness Company’s social responsibility programme. Once again The Effectiveness Company sponsored another worthy cause, showing the company’s support of the youth in South Africa in line with our education and training initiatives. Gloria Pasha was sponsored to take part in the international Maths Olympiad taking place in Madrid, Spain in July 2008. A remarkable feat considering only 6 students per country make take part. We hope Gloria outshines the competition and shows the world that real talent can be found in South Africa.

The IMO (International Maths Olympiad) state:

“It is our great pleasure to welcome in 2008 students and mathematicians from all over the world that have worked so hard to have the opportunity to share during this IMO their experiences and their love for Mathematics with a spirit of solidarity, cooperation and mutual understanding.

We are proud to have the chance to offer to all participants the best environment for this encounter, by gathering in Madrid the most brilliant young mathematicians of the world, which will permit sharing and exchanging ideas and establishing between each other enduring ties of friendship.”