This role’s core purpose is the successful and overall IMPLEMENTATION and management of a solution into live run, spanning our whole methodology of:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Pre-planning all projects
  • Analysis approach
  • Design of solutions (methodologies and design parameters)
  • Build requirements and outcomes
  • Proof of Concept of the built solution with pursuant measures
  • Phased releases

o    Phase 1 – the migration of all human, financial and physical capital into the outsourced solution

o    Phase 2 – the integration of our tested solutions

  • Full run and handover of the programme to the managed services teams
  • Continuous Improvement of the solution
  • Business Intelligence

This role is the key stone* to our business model and methodology; it begins with the end in mind by looking at the running of the programme as an outsourced contract (as if it is our company’)and then starts back at the beginning (feasibility) to bring the programme into successful conclusion and sustainable long term annuity income.
(* key stone refers to holding up the whole bridge, pull it out and it all falls down)

Sales and Marketing
  • Assist in preparing a Sales and Marketing strategy to achieve goals as per BSC (in close cooperation with Sales Team).
  • Initiate and develop new products and services.
  • Identify sales opportunities within live projects; and seek new opportunities in similar organizations/industries.
Project Management [Internal & External]
  • Take responsibility and control for all projects allocated – from end-to-end, including overseeing and managing the compilation of project plans; achieving all project specific objectives whilst maintaining CRM for all allocated projects at all times.
  • Allocate responsibilities and design role profiles in accordance with project specifications.
Programme Management and Consulting


  • Engage and consult with clients on each phase of the Business Model.
  • Mapping out pre-planning work.
  • Analyze, design and build solutions in accordance with the client’s needs.
  • Ensure that a proof of concept is designed in line with client’s needs.
  • Facilitate workshops with client in line with Project Plan parameters.
  • Analyze systems and processes in order to ensure functional specification and outcome-based Project Plans.
  • Ensure proper handover to the team responsible for implementing the solution/s; as well as contracting with all stakeholders and managing a mixed project team (The Effectiveness Company staff and client staff).
Financial Management
  • Achieve agreed sales/income target as relevant to this position.
  • Perform the Management Consulting function within set budget requirements for the area.
  • Ensure that all administrative processes are in place, thereby ensuring that all billing is on time and in accordance with standard.

Specific Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Process methodology
  • Management Consulting
  • Applying GOLDRATT – Theory of Constraint
  • Applying Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Process-, systems-, people- and trend analysis
  • People development, coaching and training
  • Team co-efficiency
  • Change facilitation
  • Sales and Marketing [including organic growth]
  • Product innovation
  • CRM [including client engagement]
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management and budgetary control

Current Challenges 

  • Sales growth at speed whilst delivering big ticket managing consulting projects.
  • Sales leads [i.e. transforming leads into sales].
  • Speed of processes.
  • Full integration into The Effectiveness Company’s vision
  • Sourcing team members with the learned skills and bringing them on board “just in time”.
  • Being a management consultant working in a process-driven operations environment.
Internal Relationships External Relationships
  • CEO The Effectiveness Company
  • Other Head of divisions across the group
  • Management consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Contact Person of client companies
  • Business process re-engineering experts
  • Project management experts
  • Board & operational level with clients


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