The Procurement Manager will be responsible for the purchasing of goods, managing legal contracts as well as managing suppliers. Day-to-day activities of the Procurement Manager include monitoring stock levels, carrying out needs assessment tasks, researching products and suppliers, reviewing tenders and processing payments. You will need to network and negotiate with suppliers, contractors and service providers. 


  • Purchasing goods
  • Managing legal contracts
  • Managing supplier
  • Preparing purchase orders
  • Comparing prices
  • Processing of material requisitions
  • Liaising with subcontractors and suppliers


  • Experience in a procurement role
  • Experience negotiating and dealing with suppliers
  • Creating a billing and payment processing system
  • Preparing various departments for product deliveries
  • Ability to compare and negotiate good prices
  • Good record keeping and accounting skills

Why work for the Effectiveness Company? 

The Effectiveness Company is an outsourcing/insourcing company within the business transformation outsourcing space with a deep focus on execution. In addition, we also provide consulting and labour managed services.

We offer outsourcing and insourcing services in the following areas:

  • CRM and Field Services
  • Human Capital Management
  • Branded Academies
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Asset Management
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