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Why positive customer experience is important for your retail brand

Posted by on Dec 16, 2013 in Customer Experience, Customer Service | 0 comments

Modern consumers have a plethora of choice when it comes to the retail industry – so why should they choose you? That’s where customer experience solutions come into play. They can help you successfully address this challenge through positive customer experience – along with many other aspects of running your business successfully. As a retail business you have more competitors than almost any other industry, from small boutiques that service niche markets to multinational retailers with massive buying power. At the end of the day, however, your success simply depends on how each customer feels about entering your store. By placing the customer at the centre of your business through leading customer experience solutions, you’re addressing the single most critical factor in your success. Creating positive customer experiences relies on solutions that: Value service: Retail is ultimately a service industry – and by recognising and addressing this fact through customer experience solutions that train your retail staff to deal effectively with each customer’s needs, you’re building a critical foundation. The way people feel they are treated in a store is still considered to be essential to business success – a challenge that can be overcome through a solution that targets perceptions of unfriendliness, poor fulfilment, lack of choice and inefficiency. Prioritise product knowledge: Modern consumers can price, review and research everything about a product online in seconds, so their expectations of your staff’s knowledge – and their disappointment in potential lack of knowledge – is critical to a positive experience. With extensive product knowledge training, your staff will be able to answer any questions and make recommendations that impress customers – creating a positive relationship. Listen to the consumer: When consumers know what they want, you need to be able to deliver it. Getting feedback from your customers through customer experience solutions gives you valuable marketing research that you can then use to power online and print marketing campaigns. By setting up your business as the go-to provider of the latest goods, you build an invaluable positive experience for your customer. Customer experience solutions are about assisting retail organisations to stay in synch with their target market, from knowledgeable front line staff to helpful support from call centres, in order to build the positive experience needed to optimise growth. Effectiveness Company is a leader in customer experience solutions for the retail industry, so visit our website or contact us today and find out how we can help...

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The benefits of applying customer experience solutions in the public sector

Posted by on Dec 9, 2013 in Customer Experience | 0 comments

The public sector is about the people, so it’s no surprise that the applications of effective customer experience solutions will bring significant benefits to the industry. Although the public sector contains diverse entities with different ranges of focus, from embassies and traffic departments to Home Affairs, the common thread they share as public service entities is the people of the nation they serve. Through customer experience solutions from a reputable business transformation outsourcing company, public entities will benefit through: Improving efficiency The public interacts with these entities on numerous occasions throughout each year, from posting a letter or renewing a driver’s licence to applying for an identity document. By making each interaction efficient, entities improve their relationship with the public. Customer experience solutions help achieve this by streamlining every process and ensuring that each person interacting with a member of the public is trained (both behaviourally and procedurally) to deliver the highest level of customer service. Increasing staff satisfaction Customer experience solutions provide two-way benefits that reflect positively on staff as well as customers. By investing in staff and training them to complete consumer-orientated tasks effectively, they receive positive feedback from the public and apply that to the ways they do their jobs. Optimising daily operations Another link in the chain is the effectiveness of day-to-day operations. Through utilising feedback from the public, public sector entities can identify opportunities to improve operational activities and optimise processes. Not only does this streamline processes, it also creates significant cost-saving opportunities that will open up new resources for deployment. Effectiveness Company offers public sector entities the opportunity to achieve these significant benefits and more though customised staff training and development and human resources solutions as part of our customer experience solutions. Visit our website or contact us today to find out more about our solutions tailored for the public...

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5 reasons why the telecommunications industry needs customer experience solutions

Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Customer Experience | 0 comments

In our highly competitive market, companies in the telecommunications industry face a unique set of challenges, from the continual upgrading of infrastructure and technology to the day-to-day business challenges of growing, staying competitive and increasing profitability. Customer experience solutions from a reputable business transformation outsourcing company are a necessary part for overcoming all these challenges. We advocate customer experience solutions because: Customers ARE your business: This is the primary reason to emphasise customer-orientated solutions because, as with retail businesses, your customers are the driving force for your success. Winning their loyalty is priceless because no matter how good your prices or how brilliant your technology, your ability to meet your customers needs effectively is one area that can cost you your business. You’ll reduce customer turnover: Ever heard of a customer who won’t shop anywhere else because they love the treatment they get at one particular place? These strategies will help you achieve this. Many telecommunications companies attempt to do this by creating barriers that inconvenience customers when the look to change service providers. While this may be fairly effective, it doesn’t win that essential customer loyalty that you need. By embracing customer experience solutions that help you develop positive, targeted strategies, your business will reduce customer turnover through positive rather than negative actions. It will increase sales: Customer experience solutions are not just about prioritising the way customers are treated, they’re about researching your market for effective, innovative strategies. By enabling you to listen to all the needs of your target market, your company will be able to realise opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling – maximising your returns and increasing your sales. You’ll build your brand: No matter how much money you pump into your brand, at the end of the day it comes down to what your consumers have to say about you. ‘Word of mouth’ through the internet can do a huge amount of good for a brand or do irreparable damage – and fixing that damage takes even more time and money. By investing in customer experience solutions, your brand will be built on a solid foundation of customer loyalty and positivity – a priceless opportunity. You can effectively eliminate weaknesses: Customer experience solutions will assist your company in targeting operational weaknesses and creating focussed solutions. That’s because customer service is an experience chain that runs through an entire operation- and one weak link could be the opportunity your brand needs fixed in order to succeed. It could be as simple as front of line staff or tech support – but whatever it is, a customer experience solution will help you identify, strengthen and optimise that link for success. Within all these reasons is a...

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