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An in-depth look at how outsourcing helps performance improvement and SMME growth in South Africa

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in Outsourcing | 0 comments

SMMEs face many challenges in the South African market that restrict performance improvement. Initiatives from a leading outsourcing company, however, provide significant relief for this vital industry, allowing them to move from strength to strength. Here’s what Effectiveness Company is doing to assist SMMEs with performance improvement: HR administration: Human resources tasks are an essential aspect of your business but they take up a lot of time and focus in order to complete them properly. HR outsourcing lifts this burden off owners and their staff, allowing them to focus on growing and developing the business itself. Having HR tasks competed by specialists also ensures that all your processes are compliant with relevant laws – giving you additional peace of mind. Recruitment: A time-consuming task at the best of times, recruitment means pulling your resources away from urgent tasks and applying them to expensive advertising, interview processes and training. Outsourced recruiting is faster, cheaper and gets you the best candidates from the largest recruitment pools without placing a burden on you and your staff. Payroll administration: This monthly task can quickly become a nightmare for SMMEs. Taking on your own payroll means that SMMEs are diverting vital resources into a routine administrative task rather than into core business functions, while outsourced solutions free you of this burden, are more affordable than hiring staff to handle this function and are quality and compliance guaranteed. Industrial relations: SMMEs face a lot of red tape with regards to labour management that can place their business under severe strain. Ensure that everything is above board, compliant with laws and within the best interests of your company without placing strain on your resources through this outsourcing solution. Performance management: Our outsourcing solutions include a range of tools that can be completely customised to your industry and goals, assisting you in reaching your business potential in every facet of your company. For more information on how Effectiveness Company is assisting performance improvement for SMMEs, please contact us today and ask about our affordable outsourcing...

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How outsourcing recruitment can take your SMME from good to great

Posted by on Mar 27, 2014 in HR Outsourcing | 0 comments

When you are running an SMME, you’re part of one of the fastest growing sectors in South Africa – making recruitment outsourcing a valuable tool for finding the right people that fit your company exactly when you need them. SMMEs face unique challenges in this economy – from surviving economic turmoil to expanding your company operations with limited resources. For these reasons, it’s vital that your SMME has only the best employees that contribute to your business goals rather than drain your resources. These employees won’t just do their job – they’ll be the pillars you rely on to contribute towards your company’s success. Why SMMEs should invest in recruitment outsourcing SMMEs often have limited resources, so why should you invest in recruitment outsourcing? Human capital management specialists answer: Reduced recruiting costs: Recruitment is an expensive process, from advertising for positions to the opportunity costs of waiting for the right hire, spending time sifting through CVs and conducting interviews when you could be focusing on core business functions. A professional outsourcing service will handle all this on your behalf without putting strain on your resources. High quality candidates: Resourcing service providers have access to the largest pools of recruits and know exactly how to apply your criteria in order to find the right person for the job. Rapid response times: With vast resources and expertise on hand to dedicate to your search, recruitment specialists have the staff and resources to deliver rapid results. If your candidate is out there, they’ll have the ability to find him/her before they get recruited by your competitor. Increased business agility: SMMEs need to react rapidly to evolving opportunities in order to stay competitive and prosper. By getting the right candidates for your open position as rapidly as possible, your company is able to access expertise and develop strategies in the fastest possible time. With these services, your SMME is enhanced – given the ability to grow quickly without sacrificing the quality of your service or straining your resources. Contact us at Effectiveness Company for expert recruitment outsourcing for your...

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