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Effectiveness Company – One of SA’s Top Empowered Companies

Posted by on Jul 21, 2015 in Latest News | 0 comments

We are delighted to announce that Effectiveness Company has qualified as one of South Africa’s Top Empowered Companies. After months of rigorous research and benchmarking, the Impumelelo team of researchers has determined that our company met the criteria required to be considered one of the best companies in our respective sector. The criteria considered when determining if an organisation is a top empowered company are: Empowerment credentials Financial performance Triple Bottom Line And based on this Effectiveness Company has been positioned as a leader of empowerment and transformation in South African business within your...

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View the Effectiveness Company video

Posted by on Mar 19, 2015 in Latest News | 0 comments

Living True to its name, Effectiveness Company executes with excellence in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Dr. Suzanne Ravenall, share that Effectiveness Company aims to raise the bar, providing effective results to clients and maintaining market leadership. To view video Click here

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The Effectiveness Company achieves a Top 10 position Media24 Unlisted Company CSI Awards

Posted by on May 26, 2014 in Latest News | 0 comments

Media24 recently presented the inaugural Top Unlisted Company Corporate Social Responsibility Awards for 2014. The awards recognise social responsibility contributions made by companies that are not publicly listed on the stock exchange. The Effectiveness Company was honoured to obtain a top 10 position in this year’s awards. The objective of the competition was to showcase privately held companies that contribute to the improvement of Socio Economic Development (SED) for previously disadvantaged individuals and communities in South Africa. Over 1200 entrants were screened before the winners were announced Top 10 companies for the Media24 Unlisted Company CSI Awards: Kaap Agri Bedryf Ltd Ernst & Young Tenk Loubser Inc (tied) UWP Consulting (Pty) Ltd (tied) Brand Union Thebe Reed Exhibitions Effectiveness Company Sasani Africa Coffey Projects Africa (tied) Vital Fleet (Pty) Ltd (tied) The awards were measured against socio economic initiatives taken as part of Corporate Governance and Environmental policies as well as Socio Economic and Enterprise Development components of the BEE scorecard. If you would like more information on the Effectiveness Company or if you would like to learn more about our CSI initiatives, contact us...

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Dr Suzanne Ravenall speaks about Labour Managed Services in an interview with CEO Magazine

Posted by on Apr 7, 2014 in Labour Managed Services, Latest News | 0 comments

Our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Suzanne Ravenall, was recently featured in CEO Magazine. The focus of the article was the latest trend in business: Labour Managed Services, which offers a definitive difference to existing provision of labour services across the entire labour spectrum. In the article, Ravenall explains, it offers clients who need the right quality of staff the solution of employing and integrating people who can be fully active in their business in the shortest possible time. This can be done on a contract or a permanent basis. “Finding the right staff remains one of the biggest challenges for any business today. As an established outsourcing business, we are good at finding the right behaviour and then equipping these incumbents with the skills they need to be successful employees in the shortest time possible – in all the business sectors we deal in,” Ravenall explained in the article. Quick, effective labour solutions that are tailored to client needs Here at Effectiveness Company, we can source up to 600 competent matches within a week. The difference is that we up-train all the people we find to the level where they can walk into their positions, without the lag usually caused by a new employee coming in and having to find his/her feet, learn the ropes as it were and settle into a productive job situation. What makes labour managed services particularly useful for businesses is that it’s not just about providing bodies, it’s about providing tailor-made staffing solutions. Effectiveness Company provides skilled people ready to perform their duties upon entering the client’s business. “We have identified a need across the board for competent staff with the ability to deliver from the moment they arrive in the business. Apart from training staff prior to placement at the client’s behest and according to individual needs, we also manage the staff internally. Therefore the staff members remain in our employ and are working under contract to us, and paid by us,” explained Ravenall. One of the aspects that further sets Effectiveness Company’s solutions apart from the rest is the fact they also provide interim management staffing solutions by bringing trained managers into client operations where there is a need or a temporary shortfall. “We can either supply trained staff to be incorporated into a client’s business as fulltime staff paid by the client, or we can offer a staffing solution with a managed services aspect,” said Ravenall. Ravenall concluded by advising South African companies to tackle the skills shortage head-on. “In today’s economic climate, partnering with organisations such as The Effectiveness Company can alleviate some of the stresses involved with this hot topic. Job creation – sustainable jobs, that is – we...

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5 global trends that drive the outsourcing business model

Posted by on Oct 1, 2013 in Latest News | 0 comments

As the global economy continues to evolve to take on economic challenges, so the outsourcing business model is driven to change. Human Resources outsourcing, along with other outsourcing solutions, are adapting in order to meet changing needs in innovative ways. Some of the top global influencers driving this change include: 1.   Labour costs are rising in China OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who are producing their goods overseas in China because of the lower costs are feeling the pinch of rising wages in this region. While this doesn’t mean that companies will be moving out of China immediately, it does mean that long-term outsourcing solutions are being implemented to balance out these rising costs. One example of this may be to utilise cost-effective outsourcing in other parts of business operations, including Human Resources outsourcing and human capital management. 2.   Supply chain risks are higher These risks include everything from political instability in the country that’s producing your product to natural disaster and the global financial crisis. With these elements running at unprecedented highs, companies are looking to completely restructure their supply chain to reduce the effects of these risks. This includes outsourcing supply chain management to experienced companies who know how to mitigate risks and streamline operations. 3.   The demand cycle is getting shorter With the world becoming an increasingly smaller place, consumers are demanding immediate satisfaction when it comes to supplying the goods they’re looking for. Suppliers don’t feel that they know exactly what products to commit to and how many to produce, as the demand cycle can peak and disappear in an increasingly short amount of time. Outsourcing solutions such as supply chain management have become increasingly comprehensive as a result, offering end-to-end solutions that minimise response times. 4.   Regionalisation is prominent Rising transportation costs and the risks associated with global production, is making producing in outlying regions a far less cost-effective and worthwhile outsourcing strategy. As a result, supply chain management outsourcing solutions are becoming regionalised, where products are developed in the region, for the region.  5.   The global market is more challenging than expected Due to the global financial crisis that is putting a pinch on everyone’s spending, the global market is simply not as easy to succeed in as companies previously believed. Massive, poorly planned outsourcing at low costs was implemented on a global scale – a tactic that hasn’t brought in the rewards that were initially forecasted. Outsourcing solutions now have to become more customised to clients’ exact needs and built on proven methodologies if clients are to get the results that they are looking for. For dynamic Human Resources outsourcing solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs, contact us at Effectiveness Company...

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