Admittance to “Proudly South African” – Breaking News from The CEO’s Desk.

The Effectiveness Company is proud to advise that their application to become a member of the Proudly South African campaign has been accepted, with effect from 04th February 2003. There are only 695 accredited members to Proudly South African currently.

Proudly South African is a Section 21 (non-profit) company set up by the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac), with a board of directors comprising representatives from government, business, labour and the community.

The chairman is broadcaster Tim Modise and the Chief Executive is former communication group chairperson Martin Feinstein.

Proudly South African is an exciting campaign to promote South African companies, products and services, which are helping to create jobs and economic growth in our country.

Supported by organized labour, organized business, government and community organizations, Proudly South African is the way for every South African to do something concrete to support job creation, and help build our young nation.

At the heart of the campaign is the Proudly South African logo. Companies who meet the standards set by Proudly South African can use the logo to identify themselves, their products and services.

In order to be selected as a member of Proudly South African, The Effectiveness Company needed to provide information about their business and to satisfy the membership council that that they meet the following four criteria.

These are:

  1. Local content (at least 50% of the production value, including labour, must be locally incurred, and there must be substantial transformation of the product — in other words, just re-packaging imported products or materials doesn’t count for membership).
  2. Satisfaction around the quality of the product or service.
  3. Satisfaction around the practice of fair labour standards.
  4. Satisfaction around sound environmental standards.

The logo is a symbol of quality, re-assuring customers and businesses alike that the products or services The Effectiveness Company offers are of a high quality that has been approved by Proudly South African.

The Effectiveness Company will be supported by a major advertising campaign, the Proudly South African logo will be a “trigger” for consumer preference – a signal that the act of buying a specific product or service, or supporting a specific company, is a positive contribution to building a better South Africa.

For The Effectiveness Company, the real and tangible benefits of becoming a member of Proudly South African are:

  1. Effective product differentiation by using the Proudly South African trademark logo as an icon of quality and local content.
  2. Major mass media campaign to ensure high recognition of the trademark and loyalty in all market segments.
  3. Competitive advantage derived from the attributes of the trademark that give consumers confidence, add value to the brand and sways buying behaviour.
  4. Nationwide promotional activity that highlight the benefits of buying South African and builds on established consumer preference for South African-made products.
  5. Marketing support and assistance for using the trademark.

In addition, The Proudly South African campaign will be active both locally and internationally, benefiting The Effectiveness Company when marketing their products and services here and abroad. After establishing the campaign firmly in South Africa, extensive international promotions and publicity will be planned.

The reasons for becoming a member of Proudly South African are that the stakeholders and management of The Effectiveness Company have committed their pledge to Proudly South African to the following principles:


We commit ourselves to producing and delivering high quality South African products and services, and encouraging the wider use of high quality South African products and services.


We commit ourselves to providing a high quality product or service to our customers, and to a process of continual quality improvement in all aspects of our activities.


We commit ourselves to employing fair labour practice in our organisation, and to a process of continual improvement in our labour policies and practices.


We commit ourselves to employing sound and responsible labour practices in our organisation, and to a process of continual improvement in our environmental policies and practices.