CEO shares with Women in the Public Sector

Bringing more women into leadership positions is part of Government’s effort to improve the quality of all South Africans. As more women take seats at the council tables where important decisions are made, citizens will benefit from the courage, integrity, intelligence and experience they bring.

The Public Sector Conference for Women in Leadership Conference staged by IQPC on 29 March has become one of the most significant gathering of women leaders throughout South Africa who want to make a difference though public service at the national, provincial and local levels.

The purpose of the conference is to provide leadership development opportunities to women leaders and to encourage more women to seek leadership positions in public service.

Featuring many of South Africa’s most prominent women, The Effectiveness Company’s CEO, Suzanne Ravenall shared her experiences with 164 delegates. Although she grew up in a small village and humble beginnings she always new that she was born for bigger things. Suzanne has what she calls “survival skills” exceptional tenacity and a passion to succeed and this incredible life story was not only inspirational but offered women from all backgrounds and races a glimpse of what will power can mean.