The Effectiveness Company invest in 10 new sport cars

The Effectiveness Company’ CEO, Suzanne Ravenall has decided to “add on” to her collation of sport cars. At a Hospice charity event held recently at Summerplace, Parktown, Suzanne bid on 10 model sport cars and with that made a R5000 contribution towards the Hospice Association.

Hospice specialises in caring for the terminally ill and their families. They offer physical and emotional care and comfort when treatments aimed at a cure are no longer an option. Charity events such as this “Alice in Wonderland” morning, aims to raise funds towards the R30 million they need per year.

TV Stars, beauty queens, socialites, the press, businesswomen and Corporates, all got together to make this a memorable and worthwhile event.

The Effectiveness Company is fully aware that the success in communities today will be the success of business tomorrow and that prosperity of business and society as a whole is intricately interlinked. The Effectiveness Company is also aware that wealth is not merely an issue of material possessions, but comes through a combination of the environment, opportunities and choice. For this reason, The Effectiveness Company is committed towards social upliftment and well-being and supports event such as these on an ongoing basis.