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The main purpose of this position will be to promote the employer of choice strategy to potential candidates through researching agencies, sourcing cv’s, telephone screening and booking appointments for the Recruitment Specialist, that timeous feedback is provided to all stakeholders and candidates whilst focusing on targets related to:

  • turnaround time from brief to successful placement – 48 hours for contractors and 14 days for month to month and permanent candidates.
  • quality of candidates – 8 out of 10 cv’s placed into the interview process successfully appointed
  • talent pool generation – at least 2 candidates per position
  • no of CV’s received to interview – 9 out of every 10 cv’s are of the quality expected

The incumbent will be responsible for the administration of the entire recruitment process. This includes:

Recruitment Business Strategy Objectives:

  • Build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with each of Effectiveness Company’s internal clients through delivery of efficient and effective Recruitment services
  • Maintain quality service delivery by providing ongoing consulting services and support that ensures pro-active effectiveness of the Recruitment function
  • Comply with Employment Equity achievement against targets – by Department and by Company (as well as by other related EE legislation and Policy)
  • Improve Productivity and Delivery capability of Managers through Recruitment and Interview Skills training
  • Compilation and distribution of a quarterly recruitment newsletter


  • Builds candidate pools or databases and identifies the potential candidates
  • Cost effective sourcing techniques to attract applicants without using external agencies.
  • Evaluates the profiles of candidates and ensures that such profiles meet hiring requirements.
  • Screening candidates

Talent Pool:

  • Pro-actively recruit for all positions within Effectiveness Company and maintain a talent pool

Graduate Recruitment Programme:

  • Source a minimum of 2 black women graduates through running this programme per annum, within the areas as required by the business and as approved by the Group CEO

Recruitment Administration:

  • Responsible for receiving all CV’s and capturing CV’s received onto the Recruitment database
  • Responsible for setting-up interviews between applicants and Effectiveness Company management within specified turnaround times
  • Compile and provide all interviewers with an electronic recruitment pack within the set timeframe and prior to the scheduled interview
  • Responsible for obtaining all interview details from interviewers and update the Recruitment Database accordingly
  • Ensure that recruitment targets are adhered to at all times
  • Ensure that all candidates and agencies are provided with proper feedback throughout the recruitment process [i.e. internal and external candidates]
  • Responsible for the preparation of all candidate offer packs

Special Requirements 

  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to manage huge quantities of work, paper and deadlines at speed, still maintaining the quality
  • Good time management skills are pre-requisite
  • Ability to write job profiles (job description, competencies, performance measures)
  • Ability to work long hours and weekends – much of the recruitment has found to be successful on weekends.
  • Must have been exposed to an environment of achieving results within a pressurized environment with strict time frames.
  • Able to demonstrate the type of successes that are required in the role in terms of the statistics as outlined
  • Person should be particularly intuitive and have a good grasp of being able to spot and obtain talent
  • This person will have a motivating and passionate personality that will inspire those interviewed in the company product and values
  • Excellent diary management and control
  • Deadline driven

Recommended Qualifications 

  • Related recruitment course certification highly preferable
  • Related course surrounding the compilation of role profiles
  • Fully accredited in the relevant psychometrics


  • Extensive knowledge of the labour market and the structures that govern it in relation to recruitment
  • Extensive knowledge of interviewing techniques and behavioural and skills assessments
  • Knowledge of the recruitment industry and its structures
  • The ability to compile and write job specifications and descriptions at all levels
  • The ability to judge behaviours and to align with company requirements
  • General business knowledge across all areas of business to enable recruitment within each business area, i.e. IT, finance, sales, marketing, human capital etc
  • Minimum 5 years with proven track record in recruitment and assessment up to Executive Level.
  • Minimum 3 years of running mass recruitment projects
  • Minimum 3 years in mass recruitment

Standard Benefits

  • A cell phone allowance
  • The provident Fund is with Liberty Life and the company will pay the complete 15% contribution on the employee’s behalf.
  • In addition the provident fund employee benefit arrangements provide the employee and their dependants with valuable benefits on the happening of the following events:
  • Retirement
  • Death in Service
  • Disability (Temporary or total Disablement from own or similar occupation)
  • Resignation / Retrenchment  / Redundancy
  • The company provides a R450 contribution to medical aid only therefore any additional costs over and above the R450 are for your own cost. The company’s medical aid is with Discovery Health.
  • All new employees will be required to attend an Induction programme according to company policies and procedures.
  • Kaelo: Employee Assistance Programme: A tailored employee well-being programme for EFFECTIVENESS COMPANY employees and their family members has been developed that will support and assist EFFECTIVENESS COMPANY employees and their families with a flexible range of services that include: stress, financial, legal, relationships, substance abuse, family matters and health issues. This service is confidential and fully funded by EFFECTIVENESS COMPANY so there is no cost to the employee.
  • Employee of the Month award: This is awarded monthly to an employee together with a cheque of R 500, which the employee can spend in any way he/she desires.
  • Employee of the year Award: This award, which includes an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world for the top employee.
  • EFFECTIVENESS COMPANY has developed a Management Development Programme, which is designed to provide current, future and upcoming management with the essential skills required to succeed in a management position.
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