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We’re looking for Talent Acquisition Managers to promote our clients’ businesses and projects to potential candidates. As a Talent Acquisition Manager, you will be conducting interviews from junior to senior level and ensuring successful placement of the right candidates in the right position. You will also be expected to conduct related assessments and provide feedback to all the stakeholders and candidates that you manage.


  • Attracts applicants by placing job advertisements; contacting recruiters, using newsgroups and job sites.
  • Determines applicant qualifications by interviewing applicants; analysing responses; verifying references; comparing qualifications to job requirements.
  • Arranges management interviews by coordinating schedules; arranges travel, lodging, and meals; escorting applicant to interviews; arranging community tours.
  • Evaluates applicants by discussing job requirements and applicant qualifications with managers; interviewing applicants on consistent set of qualifications.


  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to manage huge quantities of work, paper and deadlines at speed, still maintaining the quality
  • Good time management skills are a pre-requisite
  • Ability to write job profiles (job description, competencies, performance measures)
  • Ability to work long hours and weekends – much of the recruitment has found to be successful on weekends
  • Must have been exposed to an environment of achieving results within a pressurised environment with strict time frames.
  • Able to demonstrate the type of successes required for the role in terms of the statistics as outlined
  • The person should be particularly intuitive and have a good grasp of being able to spot and obtain talent
  • This person will have a motivating and passionate personality that will inspire those interviewed in the company product and values.
  • Excellent diary management and control
  • Deadline driven

Why work for the Effectiveness Company? 

The Effectiveness Company is an outsourcing/insourcing company within the business transformation outsourcing space with a deep focus on execution. In addition, we also provide consulting and labour managed services.

We offer outsourcing and insourcing services in the following areas:

  • CRM and Field Services
  • Human Capital Management
  • Branded Academies
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Asset Management
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 The talent company is a people solutions company and a division of The
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