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Hiring the right people for the job is key to a company’s success. With this in mind, the Effectiveness Company provides labour managed services to fulfil customer requirements for trained staff with various skill sets, from engineers to merchandisers to managerial staff.

Companies today find it incredibly challenging to find people with the required skills. In many industries, employees are required to meet specific skills criteria, but finding people that meet the criteria when faced with a national skills shortage is near impossible.

The Effectiveness Company believes in tackling the skills shortage head on. This is why we specialise in finding people with the right attitude and equipping them with the necessary skills to complete the job. When you partner with the Effectiveness Company for labour management services, we build training programmes based on your specific skills requirements. The Effectiveness Company’s training methods are able to effectively equip people with the skills you require in a short period of time, thereby providing you with the skilled employees your company needs.

The Effectiveness Company’s labour management services will also take care of the recruitment and management of your work force. We will recruit, train and deploy your employees, and even take care of payroll functions and labour relations if required.

Labour Managed Services offered by the Effectiveness Company:

  • Attraction
  • Writing, design and delivery of the required training
  • Deployment
  • Payroll
  • Labour relations
  • Staff management

To find out about Labour Managed Services, contact the Effectiveness Company today.

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