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Business training and development

The Effectiveness Company offers outsourced, Customer Branded Academies to ensure world-class training and development for your teams. We are focused on providing your staff with training and development that is aligned with the vision of your brand, reinforcing objectives and empowering them to head into the desired direction.

The Effectiveness Company prides itself on the upliftment and empowerment of over 80 000 people through our training and development initiatives. We offer a wide range of training and coaching services, building corporate universities from the ground up to embrace your company’s corporate vision and identity.

Services offered include:

  • The construction of customer branded academies and corporate universities;
  • Product training solution design and implementation;
  • Process and systems training;
  • Skills development training.

Some of the types of training include in-call training to help your staff better represent your brand when dealing with clients and customers, behavourial training, sales performance improvement, coaching as well as e-learning.

The Effectiveness Company is all about quality people – not only for the growth of the company but for the growth and career development of the individuals themselves.Get your staff and your company on the path to greatness with The Effectiveness Company Contact us today!

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