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Empower your staff with training and development

The Effectiveness Company believes that Training is essential for companies to be successful. Our training empowers employees with the skills needed to implement leading business strategies. This is why we specialise in training workforces and have trained over 80 000 employees. Whether you staff needs to develop customer service skills, or learn how to increase sales, we can design training courses that provide effective learning.

When you partner with The Effectiveness Company to empower your staff, we will provide Customer Branded Academies that offer world-class training for your employees. We understand the importance of your company’s corporate vision and identity and structure our training courses around your corporate framework. Our training is tailored to meet the skills needs of your company.

Our training and development services include:

  • The construction of customer branded academies and corporate universities
  • Product training solution design and implementation
  • Process and systems training
  • Skills development training
  • In-call training
  • Sales performance improvement
  • Coaching
  • e-Learning

The Effectiveness Company provides modular closed group training according to agreed upon schedules. Our courses are designed to improve the productivity of your workforce, whether they need to develop the skills to implement complex strategies or acquire detailed product knowledge.

Contact the Effectiveness Company today to find out how our training can empower your staff.

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