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So how exactly does The Effectiveness Company structure their services for businesses? There are a number of ways that we structure our services around various costing models.

There are a variety of ways in which we offer our services, such as fully outsourced solutions, providing all management, staff as well as toolkits. We will then structure the finances based on feedback from you, our client, deciding on an agreed upon payment and financial plan.

This could be done in two ways, namely:

  1. The cost of the service plus a management fee, or;
  2. An agreed risk sharing system, such as income, profit, etc.

Multimedia toolkits are provided for our clients, and we act as the outsourcing/insourcing partner of the business. Our toolkits are audited, trained and supported by our direct management as well as consultants, or trained into the customer and unsupported, but audited on an annual basis to maintain quality control.

The Effectiveness Company can also work with you to create a separate entity, that still functions as a part of your business, which will act as a joint venture with our team and yours. The budget is provided by you, the client, and we will supply the management, the staff and the toolkits and systems needed to operate this entity.

For more information about how The Effectiveness Company implements our systems within businesses, contact us today.

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