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The Effectiveness Company`s world-class outsourced Branded Academies focus on providing training and development programmes that are aligned with the client’s strategic organisational objectives. In this way, our company provides the skills necessary for employees, managers and clients to achieve an organisation’s business objectives.

We provide a complete training solution that includes everything from writing courses to delivering training and ensuring certification. Specific qualified and certified trainers run the training programmes and the courses themselves are method-driven.

The Effectiveness Company offers three forms of training, namely: Product Training, Skills Training and Self Directed Training.

Why you should choose Branded Academies for training and development

Innovation, technology and evolution rapidly put strain on an organisation’s ability to cope with the demands of modern day marketing. As a result, human resources departments are unable to keep up with the continuous demand for training and development.

The Effectiveness Company’s Branded Academies provide a total training solution with an emphasis on skills and or/product training. With hundreds of thousands of individuals trained each year, the Effectiveness Company has a proven track record and years of experience in delivering great results.

The Branded Academies solution includes:

  • Writing and designing product courses
  • Delivery of training courses
  • Marking of exams
  • Certification
  • Full back office administration
  • Database management
  • Course accreditation
  • Sourcing credible skills training companies based on the client’s requirements
  • Acting as broker – to control outcome
  • Writing, designing and delivering induction programmes

When you outsource your training and development needs to the Effectiveness Company, you can leverage our expertise across a variety of market sectors while cutting the costs of training and development within your organisation.

To find out more about the Branded Academies solution, contact the Effectiveness Company today.

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